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Install IoT-Core App on eSOM3735z
Install IoT-Core App on eSOM3735z

Run Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core applications on eSOM3735z
Run Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core applications on eSOM3735z
The eSOM3735z is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core sample codes:
eSOM335x 4G Module installation
The eSOM335x support 4G module (Model: HUAWEI ME909s-821) for connect to the internet. This video describes 4G module installation for eSOM335x. eSOM335x 4G module installation
Run LabVIEW program on eSOM335x
The eSOM335x can boot a real-time, small foot-print Windows CE very quickly. OS images are customized to enable users on rapid application development without any OS challenging. Users can develop applications in Visual Studio 2008 and LabVIEW for eSOM335x. Many sample codes are provided for software developer to access to eSOM335x peripherals and accelerates time-to-market procedures.

Run LabVIEW project on eSOM335x

eSOM3735z GPIO Test
The eSOM3735z has 16 pins for general purpose input output can controlled directly from device.
eSOM335x LCD Configuration
The eSOM335x support 24-bit parallel display, users are free to choose the video output and can change their LCD without need to OS customization...
eSOM335x Getting Started Guide
The eSOM335x is very easy to use board in hardware and software. Following video shows power on this board:
eSOM3735z Getting Started Guide
The eSOM3735z can run Windows 10. This video shows eSOM3735z power on step by step.